Nanopharmaceuticals and NanoBiology: A New Approach to Designing Intelligent Medications at Canadian Pharmacy

Nanopharmaceuticals represent a novel type of medication composed of ultra-small particles measured in nanometers (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter). These drug-containing particles can be engineered to enhance the therapeutic utility of medications, enabling:

  • the delivery of drugs to specific diseased tissues,
  • the controlled release of therapeutic concentrations of drugs over a short or prolonged period of time, and
  • improved formulations of established therapies.

NanoBiology is an emerging, next-generation approach designed to create new nanopharmaceuticals that more effectively target the root causes of diseases. NanoBiology allows for more precisely targeted medications, as it combines an understanding of the complex biological microenvironment of human disease with the latest advances in engineering chemical structures at the nanoscale.

By utilizing this unique NanoBiology-based medication development approach, our Canadian pharmacy is intelligently designing a comprehensive pipeline of innovative nanopharmaceuticals with the potential to achieve cures and improve patients’ lives where it was not previously possible. Our pharmacy is focused on the therapeutic areas of oncology, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases.