PNP Technology

Canadian medstore has developed an extensive patent collection based on its proprietary PNP technology, encompassing patent applications targeting numerous innovations in this field. For example, these applications cover inventions related to the composition, utilization of the PNPs, and specialized devices and methods for their production.

CDP Technology

The pharmacy’s exclusive license to the patent estates from the California Institute of Technology and Calando Pharmaceutical offers broad international protection for its CDP technology platform and various implementations. Further patent applications from our pharmacy cover enhancements and novel applications of the CDP technology, with a particular emphasis on the lead product candidate and related inventions.

Nano-pharmaceutical Development Expertise

Canadian medstore possesses a distinct set of capabilities crucial for the development of nano-pharmaceuticals. Over a short period, the pharmacy has generated a suite of in-house technologies and in-licensed complementary methods. These technologies are capable of incorporating different drug classes and have been validated in multiple pre-clinical cancer models. Moreover, the pharmacy has created a sophisticated set of analytical and bioanalytical instruments vital for lead development and optimization of its nanoparticles.

Clinical Candidate Progress

Our Canadian pharmacy has accrued substantial clinical development experience by introducing one of the pioneering nanoparticles into clinical trials. The clinical candidate has been demonstrated to be safe for human use and has shown its ability to overcome the toxicities and DMPK obstacles that previously hindered the clinical development of free camptothecin. Additionally, early signs of clinical activity have been observed. The Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD) will be determined as part of the ongoing Phase 1b/2a clinical study.