Can Back Pain Medications Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Probably, every fifth man read about the potency issues at least once. And, it is no surprise because they may appear both in youngsters and elderly people. Some of them are interested in causes, treatment, and medications that can fastly revive steady erection but only some men know that a continuous application of painkillers may somehow affect male power. Especially, it refers to the ones that are prescribed for back pain. Is there any evidence, and how to get rid of such problems?

Studies on Back Pain and ED Connection

Anyone who buys painkillers most commonly takes them without any prescriptions received from the doctor. They think it is fine, in particular, when they are dispensed freely both in neighborhood pharmacies, and online retail health clinics. However, such irresponsibility regularly leads to negative consequences. Some people may experience side effects, some cannot tolerate a drug and may struggle from a headache, and some are forbidden to take them because of hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the components. At the same moment, men can really deteriorate their sexual life by decreasing libido and potency when taking many analgesics. This fact will, in turn, lead to low confidence and self-esteem.

It is a common belief within doctors that anyone who takes painkillers daily will likely sooner or later buy pills to affect erectile dysfunction. But, even in this case, those men will refer to other causes such as diabetes, overweight, smoking, or vascular sclerosis. They usually do not think that painkillers take an active part in provoking ED. For them, it is medication, with FDA approved ingredients, and it is completely safe. Nevertheless, an abnormal intake of analgesics is one of the confirmed causes of the ED.

Many studies were conducted to spot the negative effect of painkillers. And, now it is possible to say that 35% of all men who regularly took analgesics (during 100 days), coped with the symptoms of impotence. To be more precise, they took ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, piroxicam, as well as aspirin.

Why Does It Happen?

According to dedicated experts, back painkillers reduce testosterone levels both in female and male patients. Especially, when their intake occurs daily. In addition, those studies also prove that long-term application of analgesics is inefficient and can only cause severe adverse reactions. For example, a man can also have obesity, fatigue, and depression.

At the same time, the numbers scare. Approximately, 4 million Americans daily take analgesics without previous consultation with a doctor, and accordingly without his approval. Speaking of the functionality and connection between back pain and painkillers, the studies did show one evidence. A hypothalamus (small part in the brain) that is responsible for releasing gonadotropin is greatly affected by opioids. The latter hormone turns on organs to produce testosterone. Thus, when painkillers are taken abnormally, these two parties cannot function well, and testosterone levels decrease. As a result, a person faces reduced libido and other symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Are There Any Alternatives to Painkillers?

After proving the negative effect of opioids on male power, the Food and Drug Administration facilities started to overview the guidelines for prescriptions. It means that doctors, in particular, urologists are likely to prescribe other medications to affect pain. But, you should not think that all painkillers are bad. They are fine if you manage to take them as prescribed and not daily.

As for solutions to deal with chronic pain, doctors recommend to exercise, undergo medical procedures to boost health level, meditation and of course yoga. These practices will reduce pain severity. Otherwise, if they are useless, you can take Tylenol or Advil. Make sure, whenever you take any medications, you are aware of your tolerance, their contraindications, and side effects. The same concerns the initial dosage. If there is no effect after taking a required dose, it is strictly prohibited to increase it without a doctor’s approval. Such mistakes may lead to negative outcomes, and in some cases even to fatal consequences.

In case, you already struggle with the ED symptoms, it is again recommended to consult a doctor to choose the right direction of treatment and find out the exact causes. If relying on Telemedicine, online pharmacies actively distribute Generic Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Kamagra that are efficient in their indications and somehow they have side effects that bear most commonly only temporary characters. Note, they are inefficient if there is no foreplay to stimulate both of you. Finally, do not think they are a panacea. A man anyway had better exercise, follow a healthy lifestyle, quit or minimize bad habits. If following such standard but working tips, you are deprived of any kind of back or other pain, and you keep control of your steady and powerful erection.

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