Referral Services at Canadian pharmacies: What You Need To Know

Canadian pharmacy is the place where users from all over the world (but mostly from Canada and the United States) can buy low-discount drugs. The most reputable manufacturers and suppliers deal with CP service in order to get the quickly growing audience interested in affordable medical products. That is why the referral service is a great opportunity to tell the world how Canadian Pharmacy works and what people may receive from visiting the website.

Canadian pharmacies provide a wide range of drugs, medical products produced by the pharmaceutical brands.

The advantages of buying from Canadian pharmacy services:

  • More than 1000 titles of high-quality drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices, medical cosmetics, children’s products, hygiene products, aromatic oils, eco-products, orthopedics, medical knitwear delivered by pharmacological companies;
  • 100% guarantee of quality, all products have a certificate proving their top-notch quality;
  • Over 100 payment methods: all popular credit cards, bank wire transfer, e-mail transfer, PayPal, etc.;
  • Referral bonuses for attracting new buyers and getting the percentage of all purchases made by the invited customers;
  • Refunds are made within 2 days;
  • Constantly updated range of rare and specific medicines;
  • Qualified advice of professional pharmacists;
  • The system of bonuses and discounts for regular customers;
  • Seasonal promotions and discount deals.

How to attract new referrals for using Canadian Pharmacies:

  • Passive method – an affiliate places his or her referral links in his publications, in comments, forums, signatures in the mail, banners and other advertisements in order to interest potential referrals to follow his affiliate link. This method is specifically useful for website owners with a large target audience (website, forum, YouTube channel);
  • Active method requires the affiliate to look for potential referrals, communicate with them, talk about the drug’s benefits of and encourage them to purchase certain products through the affiliate link.

Why people like the referral program offered by Canadian Pharmacy?

Seasonal discounts — not many Canadian pharmacies offer such promotions. Allergy meds are sold like hot pies during spring and autumn, as well as flu meds in the late winter. People are looking forward to these seasonal deals because it’s a great way to save up to $100 or even more.

Mother’s Day, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day are also the best excuses to sell different medical products. Surely, people need to take certain meds all year around. Also, during the holidays customers prefer buying personal gifts, including cosmetics like face masks, gels for a leg fatigue relief, foams and bath salts, etc.

Special offers for the Canadian Pharmacy affiliates:

  • Your personal manager will answer all questions from affiliates within a business day;
  • You get access to special promotional materials of all existing products;
  • A large database of information and presentation materials, as well as video demonstrations. They will allow you saving time when working with clients;
  • All referral clients receive bonus funds credited to their accounts, so it’s profitable for them to register via an individual referral link (or using a promotional code).

Save money and earn the percentage from all deals made by the referrals thanks to the smart multi-level Affiliate Program by Canadian pharmacies.

So do not hesitate to join the Referral Program and increase your income!

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